★ You can finally stick your phone anywhere with our multifunctional nano gel pad adhesive★

Designed to let you stick anything, our gel pads make your life convenient to fix your needs. Whether you're looking to stick your phone, bottles, cables, glass and any other item on the wall, refrigerator, and any other flat surface. Our multi-purpose gel pads hold all your objects firmly and steadily at any angle

Wide Varieties of Uses

- Display items like posters, reminders, letter boards
- Hold smartphones and tablets to most surfaces for photos and steady video calling
- Organize chargers and cables
- Useful on cars for cameras, camcorders, GPS and smartphones during travel

Package Includes

2 x Nano Multi Purpose Gel Pad

This is a multi function gel suitable for holding all kinds of tools.

It comes in a pack of 2 units, 1 to hold the mobiles on the table and the other holds on the wall, under the table, kitchen, bedrooms, garden, garage, workshops, walks, car, bicycle, motorcycle, etc.

This multi-funtion gel useful for all kinds of purpose (games, work, workshops)


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